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Hubspot Setup

It’a not uncommon for companies to make costly decisions when architecting their revenue operations. A little bit of strategy in the early days can go a long way.

Data architecture
Pipeline build
Data upload and testing
Web integration
Platform integrations
Calendar links

Learn about how Inveterate was able to close more revenue in a month than the entire quarter before.

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Learn how Numa used dashboards and key metrics to bring consistency to their revenue.

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Pipeline build out
Sales handoff
Behavioral flows
Task flow
Territory management
Account planning
AI tools

Sales Optimization

For companies that are looking to run a predictable sales process, it’s important to configure the system to support the sales motion.

Marketing Optimization

If you’re looking to optimize your ad budget, it’s critical to leverage hubspot’s underlying tracking infrastructure in place. Stop guessing and start growing.

Compaign management
Custom attribution model
Email marketing
Inbound process
Ad connection
Nature campaigns
Custom forms

Learn how Sprout grew leads
by 300% and MQLs by 160% in 3 months.

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See how Thoughtful AI grew their revenue by 380% and MQLs by 215% in just 3 months.

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Behavioral flows
Lifecycle model
Benchmarking & strategy
Intent based flows
Inbound process
Comprehensive reporting
Nature campaigns
Custom onboarding

Revenue Operations

Building a revenue machine is about the tweaks and iterations. Hubspot’s funnel capabilities enable companies to iterate their processes so they can grow the bottom line.

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